Speed - These limits are ‘dangerous’ near housing

Horncastle Town Council has approved an LCC proposal to extend the 40 mph speed restriction further out from the town centre on the Louth and Langton Hill Roads, (recommended because of the development work in progress providing new housing).

The proposal was nodded through with no debate and nobody asked the obvious question: ‘Why do we have these 40 mph limits in areas of housing’, which to me and others seem downright dangerous.

Currently all approaches to the town have 40 mph limits until relatively close to the town centre.

Three of these approaches are on down hill slopes.

The question that should have been asked by our Councillors is ‘Why do we have 40 mph limits at all?’

It is a well-known fact that any collision between a pedestrian and a vehicle travelling over 30mph will result in a high percentage of deaths.

The areas where the 40 mph limit exists has not only housing, but pedestrians and parked cars, well able to conceal hazards.

I see no reason for us to have 40mph limits in the town at all; it does not aid the flow of traffic on the A158 as the limiting factor on this road is the traffic lights, and the Langton Hill road, in part with no footpaths, is close to major areas of housing.

So please Town Council, press LCC to make the speed limit through Horncastle 30 mph from the town boundary.

Let’s reduce the hazard to pedestrians and other road users.

The reduction in noise and pollution will help and may even give travellers time to appreciate the finer points of Horncastle and tempt them to stop.

A final point: Councillor Burchill pointed out the area of footpath on the A158 which narrows to about 12 inches on the western side of the road. This section of path is between two footpaths which lead down from the Osborne Way estate, home to many families. Firstly, anyone using these footpaths walks into a 40mph speed limit.

Secondly, there is no way to safely cross the A158 or the Langton Hill road - no zebra crossing.

This is the kind of initiative our Town Council should be pushing at LCC’s door with, not merely nodding through proposals to extend 40mph limits.

Alan J Lockwood

via email