Spa trail - Beware cyclists

Like many others, I enjoy walking the Spa Trail.

Mostly, it is a haven of peace and quiet and it is very pleasant looking at the distant views of the Wolds and St Mary’s Church. I never tire of the view.

It is also a pleasure to see the wildlife - from swans and buzzards to rabbits, hares and squirrels.

On several occasions, I have encountered cyclists. They often come racing up behind you at very high speeds. With no bells, they seem to think they own the route and shout at you to get out of the way.

I’ve witnessed mothers with pushchairs and children having to step into the long grass to avoid a collision.

Dog owners too have to take evasive action.

On one occasion, I replied to one of the cyclists only for him and his friend to suggest I should walk on the opposite bank, where there are no cycles.

I am 71 and found their tone quite upsetting.

I am not for one minute saying all cyclists are the same.

I am not going to stop walking the trail.

Why can’t everyone get on - walkers and cyclists - and 
enjoy the trail?.

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