Snakes should be destroyed

EDITOR - If a dog were to bite a child and endanger its life, more than likely it would be destroyed.

However when a venomous snake bites a child out on a walk in a popular well-used wood, conservations would rather not warn other people of the danger so as to protect the snake.

When did the rights of venomous snakes override the rights of humans?

Not only should warning signs be erected at Ostlers plantation, the adders there should be removed or destroyed so as to allow the use of the wood, by families and dog owners, without fear of being attacked by a venomous snake and endangering the life of their child or dog.

Adders are pointless creatures which offer no benefits to the environment they inhabit, only endangering children and family pets.

Sometimes conservations are misguided in the species they wish to protect.

They seem to want to preserve the countryside in a way it was at some unspecified period in history regardless of how the use of the countryside has changed.

Having walked my various dogs at Ostlers plantation for over 25 years, I have in recent times seen an increase in adders and adder attacks and I suspect, although conservationists would deny this, that adders are being reintroduced at Ostlers plantation like they are in various other areas of the country.

Ostlers plantation is one of the few areas locally were children and dogs can run free. It is also enjoyed by numerous holiday makers and visitors to the area.

What a shame it would be if people stopped using it because of crazy conservation laws, preserving a beautiful wood so venomous snakes can enjoy it.

Robert Sanderson

Thornton Crescent


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