Shopping - Injection of ‘big names’ will help attract shoppers

I recently visited friends in Horncastle after moving out of the area more than 20 years ago.

The town has a lot of positives, but it was sad to see the state of the High Street and especially the now empty bank buildings. I understand two of the town’s banks have closed in recent weeks and that is a crying shame.

Horncastle has some wonderful independently owned shops and all credit to the people who keep them going.

However, I do feel the town needs a injection of one or two national outlets - if it is to attract shoppers from further afield.

With the amount of housebuilding taking place, perhaps the ‘big names’ might be more easily attracted.

I can recall the days when we used to pop into Woolworth’s for sweets and other items.

Those days are long gone - and sadly so.

Margaret Evans