Sewers - Can treatment plant cope?


So, now we know.

According to the Horncastle News website, Anglian Water is spending £635,000 improving the town’s sewer system and, in particular, for anyone who buys one of the new homes on Langton Hill.

I am not going to complain about the fact these homes are being built - or impact the works are having on traffic in the town.

However, my question is - while the work will improve the system, can the main Horncastle treatment plant cope with all the extra waste?

Am I wrong, but hasn’t it been confirmed capacity at that plant is already close to (dare I say it) bursting point.

I have been told lorries regularly take away some of the excess waste to another plant in Lincoln.

If (and I stress the word if) all these hundreds of new homes are built in Horncastle, I fear we could all be up to our eyeballs in...something brown and horrid.

Len Johnson

Via email