Service cuts - You couldn’t make it up

It was most interesting to note the very serious concerns of Craig Leyland, leader of East Lindsey District Council, on the looming cuts to services due to government funding cuts.

As well as the cuts to services, which will affect many residents across the district, we have also seen charges introduced for our green waste collections.

It makes one wonder just where it will all end?

Will it evolve into a regular price hike, leading to charging for household waste and recyclables - all while paying a higher rate of council tax with, of course, the inflexibility over cutting, or reducing, car parking charges?

In the same breath, increases to councillors’ allowances are being considered – at this time of severe austerity – by the so-called Independent Remuneration Panel.

The majority of councillors do their jobs on a voluntary basis to the benefit of the community.

Quite rightly, they should be allowed to claim legitimate expenses they incur in performing their duties, but no more than that, and certainly not an overall payment that turns a voluntary position into a part-time job.

Finally, is it not the height of stupidity and insensitively to announce severe service cuts and price increases, while, at the same time, releasing news that allowances are being considered for an increase?

You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

Ron Fisher

Hemingby Way