Serious flaws - Horncastle roadworks


I am contacting you to highlight ongoing concerns with the sometimes mediocre management of Lincolnshire Highways.

Although there has been much good work completed recently in Horncastle by LCC contractors there are still oversights and omissions.

Langton Hill was recently widened to facilitate the Cyden Homes development. Unfortunately, the widening only extends from the B1191 to the new development site entrance. The remainder of the road up to Mill Lane remains a single track road.

Whilst all of the manpower and equipment was on site during autumn 2018, would it have cost much to widen the remaining 300 metres by less than one metre to facilitate two-way traffic?

Once the development has been completed this lane will become an even busier road in both directions.

The resurfacing work for Langton Hill was finished just prior to Christmas 2018, however, the job is not complete.

The road edges have been left with vertical drops in excess of 15cm in places.

Since the road is single track it is extremely dangerous.

If a driver were to ‘pull over’ to pass and put a wheel into a 15+cm deep gully, there would be a high probability of destroying a tyre, a wheel or the suspension of a car.

On LCC state they will be “conducting remedial and snagging works” during January 2019.

Are they able to guarantee that the verges concerned will be made safe and reinstated to an acceptable standard?

In the meantime, please will LCC ensure that adequate warning signs are posted to prevent an inevitable, however avoidable accident occurring?

At present states that Thimbleby Hill will be closed between 14 January to 12 April 2019 to complete “excavation for new surface foul water mains and chamber installation”.

During this three month period, the proposed diversion is via Baumber, Bardney, Bucknall and Horsington to Thimbleby, a total of 17km.

How can it be necessary to close the road for this unjustified length of time, if indeed it needs to be closed at all?

There are numerous infrastructure programmes planned for Horncastle in 2019 to catch up with the inactivity due to the Government’s austerity programme.

It is imperative these works are conducted in an efficient and yet sensitive manner.

Being subjected to almost continuous delays, diversions, traffic signals and roadworks has a demoralising effect on members of the public.

May I suggest Lincolnshire County Council needs to do some more work on its public relations? Briefing at a town council meeting that all decisions had already been made and LCC were not open to any discussion was not helpful.

Equally, stating that LCC officers are “highly qualified” and “are the experts and do not need any help or advice” is arrogant.

Some of your officers need to better understand how to become engaged with the public whilst ensuring that all works are completed to the highest standard.

Substandard work completed by contractors should be rejected and reinstated immediately to an acceptable standard.

I understand that NM Highways are going to have to return to the A158/West Street junction in April 2019 to repair faulty workmanship?

Once again, an unacceptable, and yet avoidable, upheaval to the residents of Horncastle!

A C Neal