Roman wall - Efforts should be applauded

I write regarding your front page article on the restoration of the Roman wall.

I applaud the outstanding efforts of people like Sheila Jonkers. Without them, I hate to think what this town would be like.

I moved away years ago but return as often as I can.

You make a good point that Horncastle does not make the most of its rich history - Roman or otherwise.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but one of the problems with the Roman wall is that most sections are on private land.

I can only hope these landowners do allow access.

As a schoolboy, I can remember being shown the remains of where one of the Roman towers (or bastions) once stood.

I’m not certain the householders would want people trampling across their garden to obtain a rare glimpse of our history.

More power – and funding – to the people actually trying to do something about Horncastle’s heritage.

Somehow though, I cannot see the section of wall in the library (impressive as it is) attracting too many extra visitors.

Alan Macklin