Roadworks - what about the bus routes?

Many thanks for the regular updates in the Horncastle News re the roadworks planned for the town.

It is more than can be said for our county council, who seem to think that everyone has access to a computer.

I can assure them that is not the case.

Like many other people, I am worried about the scale of the works.

I rely on buses to get around and the service is already reduced because of the cuts imposed by the county council.

I find it incredible to hear that the council has not even discussed the various closures with the bus company.

If West Street is closed, even for two or three weeks, what will happen to the buses?

Will the main stop in the town still be used? Will the buses be able to negotiate Church Lane?

We appreciate the roads in the town do need repairing but the way this whole episode has been handled raises more questions than answers.

Colin Jameson