Roadworks - quality of finish poor


I write to you about the state of the finished roadworks from off Langton Hill to the village of Langton, past the new Langton Hill housing development site.

These roadworks started on the 30th November 2018 for approx. five weeks and should have concluded the end of the first week in December, but they overran and did not finish until 21st December.

The problem is that they have put in a new raised up tarmac road and the road verges have not been touched at all, so if you meet another vehicle you have to drop off the road onto the verge, which in some places is 10 inches deep.

This is probably ok if you drive a 4 x 4 vehicle, but not at all suitable for smaller cars.

Even though they have widened it a little bit, if you meet a tractor and trailer or an articulated lorry - as is usual on this road - it is inevitable someone is going to have to take to the grass verge, thus causing the break up of the tarmac on the edge of the road.

It looks a mess and in some places is downright dangerous.

How on earth did this work get signed off!!!!!!!!! IT IS NO-WHERE NEAR FINISHED.

If this is the finished product I do hope that the council have not paid the contractors any money, as it looks like a group of two-year-olds had a day or two out in the mud with buckets and spades and started the job but got fed up and went home.

Ann Pullin

Via email