Roadworks - ‘Poor’ signage and ‘no consultation’

The Road Works on the A158, at the junction of West Street and Langton Hill have received very poor press.

Businesses have been badly affected, road signage has been inadequate and the positioning of signs next to useless, with many around the town misleading, as the wording implies that the Town Centre is closed.

Thank you LCC. This is what happens Cllr Davies, Portfolio Holder for Highways at LCC, when in your words, “LCC DON’T CONSULT”.

Unacceptable and arrogant and not in the best interests of the town and the “rate payers” you are elected by.

I challenge LCC for their incompetence.

No mention of the Town Centre open for business, the Weekly Markets, STILL OPEN, every Thursday and Saturday and all car parks open.

Not one sign says any of this, only ROAD CLOSED, pointing to the High Street and signs at East Street only diverting traffic away from the town. The same at the junction of the Bull Ring and the High Street.

Which then asks the question, where in all of this chaos is our Town Council and ELDC Councillors and of course our local County Councillor?

Not a word from them and more importantly no precommencement consultation by the Council with LCC.

Why did the Town Council and district councillors not ensure car parks were free for the whole of the works programme and ensure that signage was correct by talking to LCC well before the programme commenced?

In addition, where were our ELDC Councillors, Martin, Avision and Campbell Wardman and our County Councillor Aron?

These individuals are our elected representatives at Town, District and County level, and not one, to the best of my knowledge, has visited any businesses to monitor what is happening or offer help and advice.

That is their duty to the town they represent.

Richard Barker, RIBA, and former Town Councillor

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