Roadworks - Help needed for businesses affected


The Horncastle News identified the impact of the Highway Works on the A158, on businesses not only around the A158 and West Street/Langton Hill, but in the town centre.

Accepting the work has to be undertaken, and the contractor is proceeding as a competent professional organisation, LCC continues to defend the inept way they have consulted with businesses, or in fact have NOT.

For Cllr Davies to trot out the usual platitudes of excuses is unacceptable. Pre-planning, proper consultation involving the businesses listed, in due time, which LCC had, and a working diversion system and road closure system that clearly signed how people could still use the town centre. There is enough evidence to show what a complete failure it has been.

I understand that apart from a standard letter, allegedly sent to all businesses, which is not the case, the letter is deficient in detail and did not provide a full explanation of the impact on businesses like Dear’s Garage, Bush Tyres, Jacksons Building Materials, Travis Perkins and the whole of the town centre businesses. Businesses cannot lose 50% plus of their income for 8 to 10 weeks. No compensation says Cllr Davies. Time the three councils manned up and our ever present MP Ms Atkins brought the Government’s weight to bear to protect the town.

It is time our town council started to help the businesses; get off their hands, which includes the ELDC councillors and our muted county councillor, and do something for the town, otherwise the town will continue to have businesses closing with shops empty. Horncastle deserves better.

Bring on May next year when the town council has to be re-elected, and ELDC representatives are also up for re-election, allowing new faces, and ones with business acumen to come forward.

Not before time, I hear you say.

Richard Barker, RIBA

via email