Roadworks - Bad signage

I wish to bring your attention to several concerns regarding the roadworks in West Street.

I spoke to County Councillor Bill Aron who indicated he had visited the site regularly and spoken to businesses and residents affected by the resurfacing works.

Several businesses have confirmed to me that they have not been visited and some had not even received the standard letter from the county council before works started, outlining what would be happening.

The letter itself is misleading in that the works should have terminated at the junction of West Street, Prospect Street and Bridge Street, which was not the case and was extended up Prospect Street and down Bridge Street to the town side of Dexter and Sharpe.

Why was the letter issued with misleading information?

I also understand the county council was satisfied with the clarity of the road signing,which I suggest was not clear.

It is my opinion that cars and commercial vehicles were still trying to get down West Street from the A158 junction. They are not businesses or residents.

This is a failure of the management of the traffic control.

The sign at the corner of the Bull Ring says ‘road closed ahead’ with an arrow pointing down the High Street.

It makes no mention of where it is closed and who is allowed access, even though there is a second sign outside Heron which is also not clear.

It has not prevented cars and commercial vehicles trying to drive up the road from Dexter and Sharpe to where works were taking place.

Whilst the contractor is carrying out the work in a competent manner, the communication by LCC is less than satisfactory.

Can the following information be made available please, from LCC and Councillor Aron, as both a town and county councillor.

•A schedule of the businesses and residents who have received letters, with dates.

•The businesses and residents who have been spoken to by LCC and Cllr Aron, with dates.

•A schedule of visits made by Cllr Aron since work started on the 28 August, with dates and times.

•How the failure to prevent unauthorised vehicles driving through the works meets Health and Safety Standards.

•The policies followed by LCC in regards to the Road Closure Signage and its compliance with the laid down protocols, including a plan showing where the signs have been placed with the wording on each, for the current phase of work to West Street and for the part closing of the A158 junction with West Street and Langton.

•How the location of the two temporary bus stops meet road safety standards on Jubilee Way.

Richard Barker, RIBA. Chartered Architect, 
dip arch, (Birmingham)