Road layout - Markings are not correct

Road issues EMN-170217-085054001
Road issues EMN-170217-085054001

I am writing to LCC Highways concerning the road marking on the B1191/West Street in Horncastle at Postcode LN9 5AF.

Approximately four years ago the single yellow line on the south side of the B1191 was extended to 200 meters beyond the Station Approach turning.

For some reason the works were not carried out correctly and a six foot portion of the highway outside 63 West Street remains unrestricted.

This error is where the road turns through 90 degrees on a blind corner.

Until recently this omission has not been a problem, however, it has now become a severe hazard to public safety.

Vehicles, particularly contractors’ vans, have taken to parking on this location.

Whilst legal, due to the mis-marking of the highway, it is dangerous. Pictures attached clearly show that the effect of vehicles parked at this location forces passing traffic heading towards Woodhall Spa to be forced across the white line and into oncoming traffic!

The entrance to the property at 63 West Street is protected by a white line.

Where previously this has been honoured, these parked vehicle now park partly over the white line.

This has the further impact of making exit from 63 West Street very hazardous. Two days ago one of the occupants of 63 West Street was very nearly ‘T-boned’ by a white van whilst trying to exit the property.

Please will you, as a matter of urgency ensure that the highway is marked correctly in accordance with the Notice that was promulgated four years ago? In the meantime please would you request that Lincolnshire Police talk to the present contractor who is parking at this location and explain that it is dangerous?

Andrew Neal

by email