Referendum - No alternative but to vote no

Lying on the desk in front of me is a poll card for the neighbourhood plan referendum.

For my part, I am clear on how to vote but have been considering how to express my views in a letter.

My first attempt a few days ago was too detailed, so I started again. I now offer three simple observations to make my case.

My first and second observations reflect upon the town council article outlining ‘details of what you will vote on in the referendum’ (Horncastle News, March 16).

The plan offers no protection in respect of land zoning or numbers for housing and commercial/industrial use.

I must say that it is naive to expect the district council to protect us in a local plan which is not even written.

The town council cannot make a commitment on what the developers will do.

Do we really expect developers to reduce housing numbers or even change the site layout?

As for design of drainage or choice of building materials, these are covered in current planning regulations.

My third observation owes inspiration to the words of a letter by the townsman who has taken to throwing hats out of windows.

He reminds me that there must be a better reason for supporting the plan than the desire to express recognition of the hard work of some of your neighbours.

The plan can only be supported if is sound and, therefore, protective.

Neither East Lindsey District Council, the town council, nor the plan can protect the town at present.

Since the authorities are not prepared to remedy the failing, there is no alternative but to reject the plan, thus underlining the need for remedy.

Dr David Lawrence