Referendum - Let’s not spurn opportunity

Further to the excellent letter from Dr Sambrook in last week’s Horncastle News, I write to endorse his views and encourage people to vote yes in tomorrow’s referendum.

The neighbourhood development plan is well researched and soundly based.

It has been developed over the last couple of years, largely as a result of many hours of consultation with residents.

The community’s views shaped the plan; the green wheel concept embraced by the plan is a good example of this.

As Dr Sambrook observes, the plan will protect the character of Horncastle and improve facilities and amenities.

It will do this by making a significant and favourable impact on the design and quality of all major developments as and when they may be submitted.

The plan is a good plan that will be good for Horncastle, both for current residents and future generations.

Tomorrow’s vote is a major opportunity for the community to make a difference to the quality of life in Horncastle by voting yes. It should not be spurned.

It is my belief that a no vote would leave the town in no-man’s land, facing the real spectre of the district planners deciding what’s good for Horncastle.

Robin Searle

Resident member of NDP Steering Group