Recognition - Proud to honour Polish community

Woodhall Spa Parish Council was pleased to be able to recognise the contributions and legacies made by the Polish Armed Forces during WWII to both the nation as a whole and in particular to our village.

We proudly flew the Polish flag in Royal Square to commemorate Polish Heritage Day and weekend.

The flag was jointly raised on Thursday 3rd May by representatives of the Parish Council and the local Polish community.

The aim of Polish Heritage Day and weekend promotes and celebrates Polish culture, the heritage of past generations and the positive contribution made by the million members of the Polish community, including descendants, to the cultural, economic and social life in the United Kingdom, as part of the Day of Poles abroad.

Flag Day celebrated on 2nd May and the 3rd of May Constitution Day, is a very important event, when the 2nd oldest written constitution was adopted on the 3rd May 1791.

This year, many Polish organisations and Saturday schools in the UK will be holding events which are open to all.

In our area events will be held in Lincoln (RAF Ingham), Spalding, Boston and further afield in Nottingham, Southwell and Leicester.

This year is also very special because it is 100 years since the Independent Polish State was created in 1918 after the First World War.

After the defeat of Poland in the war, the Polish government-in- exile quickly organised a new fighting force in France. Following the collapse of France, 20,000 Polish personal, mainly Army and Airforce came to Britain.

Three of the four Polish bombers squadrons were based in Lincolnshire during the war. Many of the Polish fighter squadrons also did short tours in Lincolnshire including a night fighter squadron.

Polish army units were stationed at Woodhall Spa and East Kirkby from 1945 to 1947.

At Woodhall Spa these were the Polish parachute Brigade, the Carpathian Lancers armoured regiment and the 16th Pomorski infantry brigade, part of the II Corps.

Once the units were disbanded many stayed on in the area marrying local girls. Many of their names appear on local tombstones and their descendants still live in the area.

One such descendant is our own Michael Czajkowski, who many will know is the chairman of the Woodhall Spa Heritage Committee. His father flew with the Polish 309 Sqn.

Over the weekend, it was not only celebrate Polish Culture but also to remember their contribution in WWII.

Woodhall Spa 
Parish Council