Reaction - Articles have raised issues which are still being ignored

Horncastle News has several articles that require comment.

Bowl Alley Lane and Stanhope Road, at school opening and closing times, remains without any purposeful resolutions, despite allegedly actions instigated by Councillor Aron over four months ago.

The headmaster has said to me that there has been no contact with the Town Council or LCC.

According to the News, 28 November, the Town Council’s chairman was not aware of the recent accident and stated, at the November council meeting,“the school knows where we are”.

It beggars belief that the Town Council has ignored this long running problem and the inherent safety issue.

The same applies to our county councillor, who is also a town councillor, who has done nothing for years.

There is a solution, but LCC need to step up to the mark and deliver.

As a grandparent, who sees week on week the seriousness of the problem, I have offered to help but as usual have been ignored.

The closure of St Lawrence Street was discussed in the Town Plan, published in 2009. It was ignored.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan, involving Councillors Williams, Roark and Aron, took no action, when the plan was published, to promote this proposal.

It begs the question, what use has the Development Plan been to the town having cost over £25k.

As Cllr Wilkinson has so rightly said “let’s get on with it and stop talking about it”.

The more radical approach is to consider Cllr Hinkins’ suggestion to close the Market Place to cars except for deliveries based on a one-way system.

With the number of cafés around the Market Place the proposal, by Paul Scott, to create a food and drink pedestrian area for the Market Place seems worth supporting. Again, the Town Council needs to be proactive and support schemes for the town’s promotion and enhancement, but to date have been impotent.

Regarding the transfer of ELDC assets to the town, I would expect a comprehensive due diligence is done before any transfer is agreed; the financial liabilities and public liabilities are clearly understood and before any decision is made a public meeting is called to underwrite the proposals.

The Town Council is taking on more and more liabilities but income is not increasing.

The onus is on the council to demonstrate competence and business acumen to protect the finances of the town and insure ELDC don’t try and offload loss making assets.

Perhaps the appointment of non-executive directors as part of the scrutiny panel should be seriously considered.

Finally, ELDC must not prevent sale of these assets, by any reference back to ELDC.

Richard Barker, RIBA

By email