Push for profit is shameful

I could not agree more with Graham Keegan’s comments featured in last week’s Horncastle News.

As a long-time resident of Woodhall Spa, I am afraid to see our once beautiful village has already been spoiled by over-development.

I fear that even with Mr Keegan’s best intentions, the damage has already been done with the large-scale developments in so many parts of the village.

In fact, I wonder how long it will be before the agricultural land between Woodhall is swallowed up by people who have only one thing in mind – profit.

They have no concept and seemingly no idea about what impact these new homes will have.

Mr Keegan is right; no-one is against development, but it has to be in a controlled way.

Take a look at what has happened off Witham Road and try convincing me – and a lot of other people – that it is controlled.

Planning officers ... hang your heads in shame.

Mrs E Bentham

Horncastle Road