Policing - Are volunteers queuing up?

I was somewhat flabbergasted to read your recent article titled ‘Tory candidate’s plan for rural constables’.

The Conservative Police & Crime Commissioner candidate, Coun Marc Jones, is obviously under the delusion that volunteers are queuing up to mirror the roles of special constables. He is clearly not in touch with the actual people responsible for policing Lincolnshire as my information from the police suggests that there are not enough constables in a position to train many special constables, let alone this additional flawed initiative of rural constables.

What is perhaps even more worrying is the fact that Coun Jones voted in support of withdrawing the county council funding for PCSOs in Lincolnshire. PCSOs could be better utilised if they were given the powers that their counterparts in other police forces enjoy. Thi,s of course, is just the opinion of someone who actually served in a major police agency as a supervisor and believes that the constant cuts imposed by this Conservative regime is nothing short of criminal and will ultimately protect the criminal.

Jonathan Ferrari

via email