Police - ‘Pointless’ information

Your front page article, ‘The Thin blue Line’, is really astonishing with the official view from the Chief Inspector of police asserting that ‘low levels of crime’ and public disorder were a justifiable reason for a skeletal coverage in the town and wider area by PCSOs.

This view appears to be echoed by the newly-appointed Crime Commissioner, who trotted out the usual grovelling appreciation of the fantastic contribution that PCSOs make...etc etc while seemingly agreeing these swinging cuts.

Anyone with a grain of common sense knows full well that one of the major elements in fighting crime is a noticeable uniformed presence on the streets – a factor that has been declining over the years, with the continual reduction of police numbers and their increasing burden of pointless paperwork and form filling.

While the public continues to suffer continual ‘cutbacks, to services, it is an irritation that we are bombarded with emails dispensing totally pointless information advising one to ‘lock you doors when working in the garden’, ‘leave a light or two on when going out’ and ‘cancel milk and newspapers when going on holiday’.

The staff time and resources wasted in dispensing this nonsense would be better used to pay for ‘proper visible policing’.

R Fisher (Mr)

via emai