Planning - Rules need to be followed

Once again it seems to be that ELDC look after their own. Other residents of West Street have been unable to update their properties due to being in a conservation area but SIR Robert Atkins installs new windows without planning permission and is allowed to keep them, as it would cost a lot of money to change them.

The ordinary man on the street would have been made to change them regardless of the costs involved.

Also, how can a large organization forget to inform the conservation officer of what is going on? The council need to take a long hard look at themselves and how they work; this would not be permitted in any other business and people would be sacked for this sort of behaviour.

The town council are doing the right thing by following the rules and not allowing applications to be passed but once again ELDC overrule them. If Parish Councils and Town councils are going to exist properly they should not be overruled all the time by ELDC.

Mrs S J Moore