Otters Club - We will protect club and pool

We would like to make the following comments following the response from Magna Vitae (MV) regarding the Otters Club.

The response from MV is well crafted and shows it in a very positive light.

We are only working closely with MV because the alternative was to accept a fundamental change from teaching to coaching, which is not a financially viable option.

We were the ones keen to negotiate and explore other options.

While we still have fundamental differences in ethos, we remain dedicated to providing the best possible solution and will continue to negotiate to that end.

We also fully understand the need for viable long-term financial sustainability.

Indeed, when we were first given an ultimatum in August, we could not understand why MV

refused to discuss

alternative financial


We were more than willing to see if we could afford increased pool hire from existing subscriptions, or whether it would be necessary to raise our own rates to match those of Magna Vitae, thereby

making further funds available.

This has to be an option worth investigating as it enables MV to provide a learn to swim programme at all times other than on two 45-minute sessions a week (Sunday morning and Wednesday evening).

Otters staff would be more than willing to work in collaboration with MV to help develop the teaching staff at the pool and the learn to swim programme.

We believe there is a bigger market in Horncastle and the surrounding area than is currently being attracted to Horncastle Pool and that this will be more effectively served by having both a club and programme offer in place.

The Otters are only asking that all potential solutions are thoroughly investigated before a final model is developed.

We would ask that more data is collected and other solutions assessed and possibly trialled prior to the more radical model currently proposed.

We believe that the current model will lead to the closure of the club and with that, most likely, a serious deterioration in the finances of Horncastle Pool – this is something Otters definitely do not want to happen.

The Otters started when the old open air pool relied on water coming direct from the river outside.

We do not want the facility to be lost to our community and will work with Magna Vitae to deliver this while protecting the club and all that it delivers.

John Fearon

by Email