Local plan - Please vote ‘yes’ to local plan

I would like to make it clear from the outset that I am acting as an individual and as a member of this community.

I have tossed my Horncastle Town Council hat out of the window for these next few weeks and become just plain Bill Aron – so that I and others can combat the incorrect information being spread about by just one or two people in town. These are my personal views – ones that I do hope you will all share.

I feel so strongly that the time, the effort and detail put into the Horncastle Neighbourhood Development Plan by the Steering Group has just been absolutely phenomenal and we should all support this plan with a resounding ‘Yes’ vote.

The article, published by the town council, in last week’s Horncastle News, really does what it says and sets out clearly how the plan evolved and what it will mean for Horncastle, to have a Neighbourhood Plan in place after April 14.

Horncastle is the first town, it is leading the way, in the whole of East Lindsey to have reached this stage – helped along by professionals and specialists.

It has been scrutinised by an independent examiner and then endorsed by him – complimenting the Steering Group on their production of the Horncastle Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Now, with the referendum, just weeks away, it is for the people of Horncastle to make the final decision on Thursday, April 14. Please vote ‘Yes’ – your vote is very important.

The plan has identified lots of areas where it can shape the future of our town including the infrastructure, the design and open space for our well-being.

William (Bill) Aron

via email