Lights - Switch off is well before midnight

Yet again I find myself complaining about the lack of respect and honesty by our council in this matter.

Tonight ( 12th May) I have had to complete my walk home from work along Banovallum Gardens and Roman Way with no street lights on, well before midnight, in rain, unable to see the puddles formed on ill constructed and maintained footpaths.

We had been advised that lights were to be calibrated to switch off at midnight, this is not the reality, and a blatant example of dishonesty and contempt.

I am tempted to start withholding my monthly payment of Council Tax for several days, but have little doubt that I would soon receive threatening and bullying letters that non compliance would result in enforcement of the annual charge in full.

This one-sided observance of agreements is not calculated to achieve a harmonious relationship between Council Tax payers and councils, and it is past time that the latter realised that.

Colin Jamieson,

Roman Way, Horncastle