LETTERS: Sorry to hear of passing of former Horncastle Fire Officer Russell Danby

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It gives me much sorrow to hear of the passing of Russell Danby last Saturday.

Few people in Horncastle will be aware of the tremendous commitment he showed when carrying out his duties as the Officer-in-charge of the local Fire Station on Foundry Street.

I had the pleasure of serving with Russ for a good number of years after I came here, working on a full-time basis, to take charge of a group of his and a number of other similar fire stations in the east of Lincolnshire.

It was to my continued amazement that Russ, although a Retained Firefighter, spent an innumerable number of unpaid hours in his office working for the benefit of the people of the town and the area.

I can only repeat, what I have said so often before, had he given as much devotion to his family business as he gave to his fire brigade activities he would have become a wealthy man.

Perhaps Kath and their children John and Trish were seriously inconvenienced on many occasions from a family perspective, giving up many holidays and the like in his support. My regards to them.

From an operational viewpoint Russ was a steadying, reliable and caring colleague when attending the many varied emergency situations that he responded to.

Given the opportunity he could have told quite a story.

Barrie Cooling