Letters: Roadworks - think about the residents

This is the letter I sent to Matthew Fox at Lincolnshire County Council re the road improvements:

On 9 July 2018 I met both yourself and Mr Steve Brooks (Senior Project Leader) at the Horncastle Planning Committee meeting.

During, and after that meeting we discussed the possible benefit to the Horncastle Road Improvements project in diverting ALL Coastal Traffic throughout the whole period 13 August 2018 until 26 October 2018 via Wragby, Louth and Ulceby Cross.

You were rather sceptical, however, admitted that it had not been given full consideration.

Mr Brooks appeared at the time to view that the idea was worth consideration.

I would add that your traffic light modelling from which you made your decisions did not include traffic density using this option!

You did state that you would be positioning electronic notice boards at Wragby and Skegness to advise motorists of roadworks in Horncastle that may cause a delay!

Throughout, your consideration was to keep the A158 traffic flowing, with little or no regard to the residents of Horncastle.

Since our meeting I have continued to observe the traffic in and around Horncastle.

The traffic has the impact of a “wall of steel” dividing the town into two.

While West Street is being resurfaced in August, all local traffic from the west of the A158 will be compelled to try to join the “wall of steel” to gain access to any of the town’s shops or supermarkets!

If the good weather continues into September, the coastal traffic will continue to be heavy.

Then, both Langton Hill and West Street will have access denied for 2 months.

Again, the residents will have to navigate round minor roads and cause them to become rat runs.

The residents will then have to contend with the A158 traffic or sit in a queue on the Boston Road.

When I previously asked what was happening to the various bus routes during the period, you stated (at a public meeting) that the bus companies had been notified and it was not LCCs problem!

As of 5 August 2018, Stagecoach have still not promulgated their plans for the Lincoln Skegness 56 Route.

As the “Lead Authority” Lincolnshire County Council have a direct responsibility to ensure that all utilities and services (including bus services) are provided to the communities with the County.

Once again I say to Lincolnshire County Council Highways to consider the people of Horncastle.

Yes, we want the improvement work to be completed but done in a compassionate and considerate way.

If the Coastal Traffic is diverted by Louth it adds four miles (six minutes) to the journey to Skegness.

A small inconvenience compared with major roads in Horncastle being closed for two months and 17 mile diversion routes for HGVs.

Please divert ALL coastal traffic via Louth for the whole of the period.

On a final note, are you able to confirm that as soon as the contractor completes a phase of work that the highways will be returned to normal operations and NOT kept closed for no reason?

Andrew Neal