LETTERS: Challenging ELDC on waste issues

I noticed in the Horncastle News of Dec 4th 2013 that “ householders had inadvertently breached regulations regarding the disposal of green waste.

Contravening national guidelines by putting food waste and vegetable peelings in green bins”. It is not the fault of rate payers that the ELDC have not enforced these regulations.

In fact inside the green bin lid it states that vegetable peelings are to be put in 
and also in the booklet 
issued when Councillor Edginton was Portfolio 
holder for the Environment it states that vegetable 
peelings are to be put in the green bin.

The ELDC have recently in their ‘Messenger’ gone back on this with No Veg/Potato peelings. I have not been able to find out what happens to our green waste as far as composting is concerned. But when the green bins were first issued I was told that the compost would be available to ratepayers.

This omission of veg/potato peelings from compost is omitting the very things 
that help to keep an open texture as too many 
lawn clippings create a slimy result.

To quote the late Geoff Hamilton of Barnsdale Gardens “ any vegetable matter that has once lived can be composted”.

Also to quote Alan Titchmarsh what goes in includes “ uncooked 
vegetable trimmings and crushed eggshells and tea 
bags from the kitchen” and what doesn’t “cooked food scraps”.

I have compost bins that produce excellent soil improver every year and my vegetable waste goes into them.

I challenge the ELDC to question their interpretation of the regulations of 2009 and thereby enable those who will be paying £25.00 for Green collection not only to improve the quality of compost but reduce the material that goes in the black bin and hence land fill.

K M Goodwin,

Horncastle Road, Woodhall Spa.