LETTER: Yes, we’ve got some bananas

You write in your latest issue of your newspaper that no bananas had been brought in Britain since before the war.

This is not strictly speaking true as I brought a bunch home from Gibraltar in early 1945.

I say strictly speaking because mine was not a commercial venture to which you refer to.

The memory I have is of my cousin Jimmy, who was still in his pram, bursting into tears when we offered him a banana with the skin peeled back!

One of my ship mates also bought some bananas and brought them on the mess deck. Unhappily, they were then taken by ladder leading to the uppper deck and were consequently bundled into by all and sundry so that by the time we reached Liverpool, they were just a brown mess, quite unfit for eating.

Mine were kept in an ammunition locker on the upper deck where it was much cooler and were stored in safety.

This was when the ship was on convoy escort duty from Gibraltar.

CW Stanton


HMS Oakham Castle

Hemingby Way