LETTER: Woodhall Spa Village Green application progressing

The application to have the green, adjacent to the community centre in Alexandra Rd, registered as a Village Green is still proceeding.

All High Court applications have been exhausted and the case will now go before a tribunal, which will be held locally.

Lawyers for both East Lindsey District Council, whom oppose the application, and Lincolnshire County Council, whom are the registration authority, need to be appointed, for each party.

This is taking a considerable amount of time; lawyers are incredibly busy and finding a suitable period that both sides’ lawyers are free, is difficult. Consequently the date for the tribunal has not yet been decided.

Despite this case having not been finalised, It is apparent that, persons on the social housing list, are being allocated houses that were due to be built there, prior to being halted by the registration process.

It does make one wonder as to whether someone already knows how this case will be resolved!

P Purnell

Woodhall Spa