LETTER: Woodhall Spa parking problems

I work in Woodhall Spa and have for 22 years and it brings a tear to my eye as I watch the locals, visitors, but especially struggling elderly people trying to park their cars along the main streets to be able to access the local amenities.

ELDC are quick to mention they are able to park free for an hour, this is by no means any consolation when you see people struggling along on two sticks or with their shopping trolleys to buy their bread, meat etc. from the village supporting the village as they always have done, having a quick chat with other folk they meet along the way (after all its maybe their only trip out that week) and then take their prescription and wait for it to be processed or other essential shops.

1 hour isn’t enough to do this therefor they are being forced like others to attempt to park on the road side to avoid the charges.

Have you seen the roadsides? They are jam packed full of cars as now everyone is forced into the same position, people working in the village are parking on roadsides in view of their place of work as parking on side roads is dangerous as cars are being scraped and damaged by other cars trying to park.

Great news for the car body shops but not for the car owners!

I find it so frustrating that we have empty car parks while residents and visitors of the village are having to park further and further away to avoid paying unnecessary charges, also that pavements in our village aren’t being swept or cleared sufficiently so pedestrians that have parked off the main street can safely walk to the heart of the village for fear of slipping on piles of leaves!

Maybe we could bike to work or to pick up some shopping, but the lack of bike racks in the heart of the village prevents this! Y

ou could risk leaving your bike after all it is Woodhall Spa but I understand bikes have been taken in broad daylight recently, so not worth the risk!

Does the car park pay for itself or are we going to find a rise in our council tax to cover this I wonder?

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