LETTER: Why were Horncastle lights not changed to aid traffic flow?

I feel I must write to express my disgust that once again, due to the incompetent disregard by the responsible authority of the expected congested traffic or their lack of pre-planning for it, conditions resulted in the usual queues of traffic heading for and leaving Skegness and District over the Bank Holiday weekend.

It must be borne in mind that the commercial well-being of the traders in that area, together with those in other areas of the county, is of paramount importance and visitors must be made welcome so that their visit is enjoyable and that they happily go there again.

I’m sure that their traffic experiences over the weekend will leave a sour taste with many, if not most, and they may be prepared not to go there again.

Although I personally was not affected by the delays, I witnessed the conditions at the beginning and the end. On Thursday afternoon, on my way to Lincoln, a queue existed almost to Baumber from the Bull Ring traffic lights even though little traffic was being held at those lights.

Despite heavy traffic returning all day on Easter Monday (noted from may garden), I noted a massive tail-back beyond High Toynton.

As I needed to go to Mareham Road and on returning, to my amazement, I was able to establish that very little traffic was crossing the A158 at the Bull Ring traffic lights.

At about 6.15pm, I arrived along the Boston Road to the above traffic lights and only one car was waiting to cross into Bull Ring in front of me. No vehicles at all were at the lights leading from Bull Ring to cross onto the A158. The massive hold-up at the lights of the traffic from Skegness at the same junction was continuing.

Is it too much to expect the responsible authorities, including the police, bear in mind that such conditions prevail at certain weekends?

At such times they should take appropriate action to ensure that traffic flows in a reasonable way, either by way of pre-planning or by taking appropriate ‘on the spot’ action at the time.

These conditions happen all too frequently to be ignored.

Barrie V Cooling

Stanhope Road, Horncastle