LETTER: Why not become an Independent councillor?

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Seeing that a number of your readers regularly contribute to your paper’s points of view page I wonder if you might pass on a suggestion.

Why not stand to be an Independent Councillor! You would not be alone! There are Independent members at town, district and county level and while independents are just that, there is an umbrella group “The Lincolnshire Independents Group of Councillors” that can help with advice and support if required if you chose to join.

I have found being a member most helpful both as a sounding board for ideas and for gaining an understanding of issues across the county.

And there is so much going on! Whether it is Fracking, the Growth Plan or the Lincoln Eastern Bypass being a councillor does give you chance to air your views.

By having more independent councillors we may be able to insist on better consultation in the future and avoid the need for such inquiries. If being an Independent Councillor appeals, please phone or email me, there are some interesting events coming up. Or Google Lincolnshire Independents for some general background information.

Chris Darcel,

Independent councillor for Fiskerton and Langworth,