LETTER: Why is Woodhall Spa so intimidated by trees?

Why is it, in Woodhall Spa particularly, that so many people are frightened of, or intimidated by trees?

I accept that the felling of a very small number of trees is sometimes deemed necessary, mainly because of disease, gale damage or (unfortunately) essential development.

However, large numbers are being callously or needlessly felled by private residents to make space for some over-pretentious property extensions, unfounded fears of subsidence, fuel for log burners or just because they cannot be bothered to have the trees pruned now and again. (Not to mention those mindless individuals illegally cutting down and stealing trees from the Pinewoods, Green Lane and other public areas!)

Any mature tree on a property has possibly been there for many decades and is far, far more important than the present occupiers who live there, often providing an all year round habitat for wild birds.

Under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 it is a criminal offence to fell or heavily prune any tree (or large hedge) suspected of having nesting birds between the beginning of March and end of August.

The maximum penalty for both tree-feller AND tree owner is a £5000 fine and/or six months imprisonment. Anyone seen committing this offence can be reported to the Wildlife Crime Officer at Lincolnshire Police. All information 
is available on the RSPB website.

The whole character of Woodhall Spa is potentially under threat because of 
the selfishness of a small number of narrow-minded residents who couldn’t care less about their surroundings and their environment. It’s very simple - if you don’t like trees, don’t live in Woodhall Spa!

Mr D. Nash

Woodhall Spa