LETTER: Why I resigned from Bardney Parish Council

There have been, and still is a lot of different rumours circulating around the village as to why the nine councillors resigned from the Bardney group Parish Council. Each councillor resigned for their own reason.

I enclose a copy of my resignation letter to the council that clearly states the reason for my resignation. You may print this if you want to and then at least the people of Bardney will know the reason behind my resignation:

To the Chairperson, Bardney Group Parish Council - Please treat this letter dated 26/9/2013 as my official resignation as a Parish councillor for the above council. Reason for my resignation. I talked to our last chairperson Mrs D Mckena a short while ago as I was thinking about resigning from the council due to unsavoury remarks that I had been receiving during our meetings.

Mrs Mckena asked me to reconsider this action, and promised to keep an eye on things at future meetings. Being one of the longest serving councillors on our council she did not want to lose me. So I promised her that I would stay on a little longer to see how things progressed.

Councillor D Mckena has now resigned from the council. On the 19/9/2013, there were raised voices throughout the meeting, and I was again verbally abused by a councillor. Where at one time I was proud to be a councillor and it was a pleasure to attend meetings where people knew how to conduct themselves, it has now become a shameful experience. I have no axe to grind but I can no longer see why I should have to put up with the abuse. I put myself up for the position because I wanted to help Bardney grow, but I feel now that I am wasting my time.

Pete Hallett