LETTER: Why I’m in favour of Lincolnshire’s library closures

As a book lover and avid reader I yet support the library closure programme proposed by LCC.

Libraries are certainly not used as they were even 20 years ago. When I lived through a two-year closure of our local library when staff went on strike for more pay,

I realised it was not a necessity. I now have hundreds of books on my Kindle and read probably about two or three per week from a choice of many thousands.

The greatest waste in my opinion is the bus service. In my village only about three or four folk ever used the library bus and the last time I saw it here there was no one.

The County Council has to use its dwindling resources more carefully and a library service for a handful of people is simply not value for money.

Fighting the decision has been a great waste of money, which could have been better spent elsewhere.

Iris Dainton (Mrs)

South Somercotes, Louth,