LETTER: Why give so much in foreign aid when the money is needed in UK?

We give in foreign aid about $13 BILLION each year, much of which goes to governments who do not like Britain and use our money to swell their personal bank balances or pay for secret police to suppress their subjects.

Now it is proposed that we are going to increase our giving by a further £1 BILLION.

Across Britain, but in Lincolnshire, East Yorkshire and the Somerset levels in particular, thousands upon thousands have suffered heart break, misery and inconvenience as they have lost homes and businesses to floods, which could have been contained had adequate investment been put into flood protection.. Now our government announces with pride that £2.34 BILLION is to be invested in 
flood protection. However, this is to be spread over six years ie less than £400 million each year.

To put this in perspective, assuming foreign aid stays at it’s current level, then in six years we will have give foreign aid to a value of £84 BILLION while just £2.34 BILLION 
has been spent on flood protection – despite all the misery and cost that floods have incurred.

Just when are our governments (red or blue) going to understand that it is the public that have put them in power, it is the public’s money they are spending and their first duty is to care for and look after Britain and the British people?

Malcolm Bouchier

10 Park Row, Louth