LETTER: Why does Woodhall Spa’s green spaces keep getting ‘flogged off’?

Why does East Lindsey District Council insist on trying to ‘flog off’ green paddocks like the Rally Field in Woodhall Spa?

If they are that short of money, why don’t they increase the parking fees at Manby? Everyone who takes a car into work has to pay - I presume - just like ELDC insist on doing in larger villages.

As Woodhall Spa gets larger and is surrounded by caravan sites, it is essential that open spaces be left for recreation.

Tourist cities in England have had parks for recreation since the Industrial Revolution. It was realised then that people need places to relax and unwind.

This applies to the Rally Field.

The field is used by the Caravan Club for their meets so that everyone can have a jolly good time and a chin-wag.

The field is also used for over-flow parking when Woodhall Spa has do’s, like the 1940’s weekend, etc.

But most of all, it gives children and grown ups a place to play football and cricket, so that they are less inclined to heave a brick through the cricket club’s windows through boredom.

Last, but maybe not least, I like to recline on the cricket club seat at square leg and absorb the sun’s evening rays as I watch the climax of another thrilling match.

I won’t be doing that when I have 19 homes stuffed on that space.

J.H Kemp,

Alexandra Road

Woodhall Spa