LETTER: Why do we need all these new homes in Horncastle?

I was born in Horncastle and my in-laws still live in the town.

I manage to read the Horncastle News - when I get the chance.

I find it quite incredulous that consideration is being given to yet more new houses in the town.

Every time I drive through I shake my head in wonderment at the number of properties that are still on the market.

Where do these developers think the 200-plus families will come from to buy these houses? More importantly, where do they think these people will work, where their off-sporing will be educated and where they will visit a doctors or decent hospital?

An added - and not insignificant concern - is flooding.

My in-laws regularly see water rushing by their front door. On at least two occasions, they have seen that water come through their front door.

The problem is not the rivers. It’s the drains. I should know. I have helped clear the foul-smelling slime out of the lounge and kitchen.

I doubt those drains have improved since Queen Victoria’s times.

Quite what impact 100’s of new homes will have on a system already struggling to cope will hopefully give individuals who make planning decisions food for thought.

Paul Mortimer