LETTER: Where would we be without LIVES?

I am not a regular reader of the Horncastle News but I must compliment you on your front page of last week.

I will not go into any detail but like a good many other people, I am grateful for the outstanding service provided by LIVES.

I honestly don’t feel the general public is aware how important a role LIVES play across the whole of this county - and not just in Horncastle.

The facts in your excellent article certainly made me sit up and take notice. Yes, the ambulance crews do a first class job in very difficult circumstances but where would we be without LIVES

Your article also highlighted the worrying state of the Health Service - a service that I - and others - feel is only going to deteriorate in future years.

I do not profess to have the answers and neither, it seems, do the politicians.

They generate so much hot air debating the problems of the Health Service, they could provide enough power for half-a-dozen hospitals.

Well done LIVES. Well done Mr Hyde and your fellow volunteers and well down Horncastle News for highlighting the situation.

Lorna Martin

Woodhall Spa