LETTER: What a waste of council money

I must support and endorse the excellent letter by Mrs. Shirley Williams (Woodhall Spa) about the ridiculous expense of producing this totally pointless propaganda sheet. (H.News 8th Oct.)

A year or so ago I took issue with LCC over this unnecessary publication, the productions cost, printing, distribution and the number of hours of staff time taken to produce an issue - regrettably I deleted the correspondence with the costings, but recall a figure in excess of £20,000, that excluded a figure for staff hours, as they were so widely variable - but nevertheless a very expensive “add on”.

The East Lindsey Messenger is in an identical category of “pointlessness” - dispensing idiot “advice” like “check your lights, brakes and tyres” and “make sure your front and rear lights are working” - wear a helmet and reflective clothing” !!! The same for motorists, who are advised to check their tyres and lights, and that the windscreen is clean” etc etc, blah…blah…blah.

This is a stupidity that only salves the conscience of those writing this drivel, who, no doubt, consider that they are talking to people of a much lower intelligence than themselves - and is thus highly patronising by treating people as idiots that have no common sense.

Mrs. Williams expressed opinions on Cllr. Worths handling of the Library closures are spot on - and shows just how out of touch with reality the executive member for libraries is. Idiotic suggestions that “74% of households would be able to reach a council run library within 30 minutes (by public transport)” is a gross misrepresentation of reality - this diatribe is then followed by the usual politically correct statement of “thanking our hard- working staff blah, blah , blah, whilst working out how many of them to make redundant or moved (unwillingly) to other existing libraries.

The reduction in hours at the Horncastle library were “spinned” as great news by County Cllr. W. Aron - irrespective that long serving popular staff were transferred to Louth, with the inconvenience that that brings - AND not forgetting the lack of service provided to tourists to the town seeking leaflets from the Information Centre housed within the library. Tourism being an important item that Cllr. Aron purported to be supporting, (though without detailing how !) on his re election to the County Council Conservative group.

The monies wasted on this propaganda sheet, together with the EXTRA £156,000 allowances given to, and taken by 78 County Councillors this year would have been far better used in maintaining library services and retaining staff - or even used to eradicate the danger of many road signs around the County being dangerous and unreadable due to foliage covering them.

Neither should it be forgotten the £100,000.00 plus costs on “consultation” and £65,000.00 plus (to now) legal costs that have been incurred in this poorly handled exercise - but then it is only the heavily burdened council tax payer that is footing the bill - so thats O.K then !!

The “gravy train” (for some) keeps on rolling along !!

Ron Fisher (Mr)

Hemingby Way