LETTER: Well done Horncastle News for pursuing story

Whilst I agree with the majority of Mr Fisher’s comments, I do NOT agree that the article of the previous week was in any way “one sided” or “muddy the waters”.

The reported comments made by Mr O’Neill were clear and accurate.

The comments made by Mr Aron, in his capacity as Chairman of the Company and Trustees were as usual evasive, inaccurate and totally misleading and he obviously did not want to give true the reasons as to why directors/trustees have resigned in the last 8 weeks. Mr Fisher’s comments cover some of these reasons.

One can only report the answers given by Mr Aron, even if they avoid the real truth and I applaude the News for pursuing this story.

Based on facts reported by Mr Fisher and based on my own experiences of how Mr. Aron runs the Company and the Charity his position on the Board and his Chairmanship skills, make his position untenable and he should resign from both the Stanhope Hall Company and, as he obviously has had serious conflicts of interest as a member of the Town Council he should do the honourable thing and resign from the Town Council as well.

Regarding his appalling treachery of the Horncastle and Tetford electorate and especially the 1,400 or so individuals who supported him as A Lincolnshire Independent his defection to support the Conservative Party and the rewards he was given for his disregard for his Independent Party also makes his County position untenable and he should resign forthwith.

His failure to do the honourable thing will merely drag the status of local politics further into the mire.

Richard Barker RIBA

Former Town Councillor