LETTER: We want Horncastle Summer Festival to stay!

Could I just say to the outstanding band of people who organise the Summer Festival in Horncastle, please, please don’t give up.

As a pensioner, I look forward to the festival every year. Imagine how I felt when the rain started to pour, just before the festival was due to start.

I love seeing all the stalls and the performers - and the smiles on the children’s faces.

The ever so tantalising smells from all the food stalls are always a highlight and I promise myself that, one day, I will try a zebra burger.

I’ve got to admit that due to the heavy rain, I thought twice about attending this year.

I did set out - unlike many other people who opted for their warm and dry homes. Who can blame them. Not I.

Understandably, there weren’t as many stalls and it broke my heart to see families sheltering from the rain.

I felt desperately sorry for the young children but even more so for the people who had worked so hard to make the festival a success.

They no doubt worked so hard to overcome many problems but the only thing they could not control is the weather.

Again, don’t give up. I’m sure the sun will shine next year.

Mary Carter

Boston Road