LETTER: Victoria Atkins and the Conservatives need a reality check

I read in the Horncastle News THAT Victoria Atkins, who’s hoping to hold the parliamentary seat in this May’s election, that the jobseekers figures show an annual fall.

What utter arrogance again from an out of touch Tory.

She want a wake up call and to go round asking the young people of Horncastle where these so called jobs are.

It’s thanks to her and her Government’s policies that people with low paid jobs and those unfortunate people who can’t get a job and need benefit top ups have to pay Bedroom Tax.

And all the new house’s being built in Horncastle, very few are one bedroom houses.

She has some cause to visit Banovallum School, she needs a lesson in reality of unfortunate people’s lives, just look at the track record of Peter Tapsell, he did nothing for Horncastle and Lincolnshire.

The only time you saw him was when the elections came round.

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