LETTER: UKIP in touch with the everyday

How right Ron Fisher of Hemingby Way is with the views on the EU.

As a Tory voter I find David Camerons weak leadership on Europe ever more frustrating, what a pity we don’t have Margraret Thatcher in charge still , she will be turning in her grave at the thought of Nick Clegg in government.

For Euro-lover Clegg is totally out of touch with reality and he and his merry bunch of treacherous Lib-Dems have blocked every kind of reforms for the good of this country.

The EU thrust every kind of daft rule and regulation on business in this country, which stifles growth, and costs us money.

Furthermore at a time when we haven’t got enough money to mend our roads, help pensioners, have a proper armed forces, we giveaway 50million to a meddling, crooked EU.

Perhaps even worse is the dreaded E.C.H.R. or simply a charter for criminals brought in by half-wit Blair.

Indeed there is a lot to be said for Nigel Farage and UKIP, the only party that is in touch with the man in the street.

John Hipkin