LETTER: Trust they know what is best for Woodhall Spa

Your account of the meeting organised by Mrs Robinson about Jubilee Park is very telling.

It was clearly a vindictive and bad tempered one sided rant.

The false accusations heaped on Coun Peacock and the other board members of the charitable trust are both intemperate and shameful.

The directors of the charitable trust are long standing members of the Woodhall community; and, are volunteering to give their time free to run Jubilee Park for the benefit us all. Indeed, they are volunteering to take on Jubilee Park and to find a way to get it onto a financial even keel.

This will be hard, difficult work with a good many evenings and weekends spent dealing with the headache of making the books balance. We should all be immensely grateful to them for their excellent contribution to our community.

Jubilee Park is heading into the red as the ELDC grant comes to an end. And, without the new focus and investment a charitable trust would bring, my forecast is that the pool will close in two to three years time.

I’m not being melodramatic here. If this shocks you I suggest you go along to a Parish Council meeting and ask to see the figures. A Parish Council is incapable of taking the action to turn round this situation because of its structure and remit.

There may have been a room full of naysayers at this spiteful meeting whipped up by Mrs Robinson; but there are a good deal more of us in Woodhall who are very grateful for the work of the charitable trust board members; and, we are looking forward to becoming shareholders in the trust and playing a role in securing the future of Jubilee Park for the community.

Graham Keegan

Woodhall Spa