LETTER: Time for new blood at Horncastle’s Stanhope Hall

It is a rare occurrence for me to agree with anything that Mr Richard Barker writes in your newspaper.

However, in his letter to your newspaper (August 27), I find myself agreeing with every word and sentiment expressed!

I was the Minute Secretary, for a period of approximately 14 months, to the Stanhope Hall Committee, subsequent to Mr and Mrs O’Neill’s resignations.

It was obvious from the outset that my involvement was less than welcome, presumably because I was introduced by a committee member and was not the chairman’s ‘choice’.

I prepared minutes of the monthly committee meetings with were immediately ‘edited’ by the chairman and his views always prevailed. This occurrence and interference continued until the chairman demanded no less than 42 amendments to the minutes in order to meet his idea of accurate reporting. I resigned on principle.

In my 25 years as a senior officer in Local Government, I have never seen such interference nor can I understand how a chairman can dominate proceedings and yet have total recall of every word and agenda item covered.

The Stanhope Hall Committee had some very willing and able members whose involvement, effort and forward thinking were rudely silenced.

I agree with Mr Barker. It is time that Mr Aron stepped down and handed over to a person who knows how to chairman a committee and also shows common courtesy and good manners to its members.

R Mason

Holly Close