LETTER: This is not what I call representation

How can Coun Aron say the loss of 14 hours for Horncastle library is acceptable and “is thrilled with the LCC’s u-turn” Misleading and not acceptable councillor.

We already close all day Tuesday and half day Wednesday. Lose another 14 hours and you close for another day and a half.

You were elected to ensure the town was properly represented. You have not delivered on your election promises.

You then joined the Conservatives who rewarded you with the Vice Chairmanship. Seems however, you have little influence and your suggested promises of the “status quo” or even achieving tier 1 with 50 hours have disappeared.

Not an acceptable result, so what are you going to do about it as the Horncastle Library will effectively close for 3 days out of 6.

Make sure the decision is not left to the few on 
the executive board and 
is decided by full council 
then you will have to vote against your new party!!! Or will you?

Coun Richard Barker,

Independent member of Horncastle Town Council