LETTER: The question of Woodahll Spa’s privy in public

I would like to thank the public spirited resident of Arnhem Way who has generously put a public toilet in their front garden.

This is such a well sited convenience giving relief to many caught short on their way home from the shops.

A small request if I may please... I understand 
why it is the Sun that is provided complimentary, after all Arnhem Way is very much Blue Nun and Farar Staypress Slacks country; but, could we have, say, a Telegraph to?

I wouldn’t suggest for one moment a paper like the Guardian not with Grove Drive just around the corner – goodness, they’d take to the streets.

But in my view, The Telegraph is a more engaging read than the Sun and would attract a more discerning “occupant”.

But, I do realise that this might cause a complication, because thought would need to be given as to who does the crossword.

Perhaps a rota system or regulars, no pun intended, have a go first.

Also I’m not sure about the current blue and white colour scheme – it hardly adds to the ambiance of the street scene. With the Forties Festival in a few weeks, the weekend of 19th – 20th July to be precise, repainted to look like a Pillbox would be an idea.

Graham Keegan

Woodhall Spa