LETTER: Thank you to Horncastle Cat’s Protection

I would like to say what an incredible job the ladies at Cats Protection, Horncastle do.

Especially Pam who does the majority of rehoming.

Abandoned and neglected cats are neutered, then cared for until they can be found new homes.

Having lost my old cat due to ill health I found I had a ‘cat space’ in my home.

I needed an older cat that would happily live with two dogs, and was made to feel comfortable being able to see a few cats and wait until the perfect one came along.

These ladies were so helpful and eventually I found what I was looking for.

‘Puss’ has settled down as if she has been with us all her life.

If you have a ‘cat space’ in your home please do contact the local Cats Protection - they would be so pleased to help you.

There are many lost, abandoned, and neglected cats waiting for new homes.

So often volunteers in all these organisations are overlooked.

Thanks ladies.

Sue, Scamblesby